Hans Fuchs

Eisen Ungetümjäger Befleckte Seele


“It’s good to still pay the bear.”

Nation: Eisen
Religion: Apathetic
Languages: Old Théah, Eisen
Wealth (as of 12/7/17):
Hero Points (as of 9/8/17): 5


  • Virtue: Courageous (The Hero)
    • Activate your Virtue to add Bonus Dice to your Risk equal to the Fear rating of your target
  • Hubris: Unfortunate (The Wheel)
    • You receive 2 Hero Points when you choose to fail an important Risk before rolling.


  • Brawn: 3
  • Finesse: 2
  • Resolve: 4
  • Wits: 2
  • Panache: 2


  • Aim 2
  • Athletics 3
  • Brawl 2
  • Convince 1
  • Empathy 1
  • Hide 1
  • Intimidate 2
  • Notice 3
  • Perform 0
  • Ride 1
  • Sailing 0
  • Scholarship 0
  • Tempt 0
  • Theft 1
  • Warfare 0
  • Weaponry 3


    • Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you choose to hunt down an inhuman creature so it will never hurt anyone ever again
    • Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you use your Monstrous nature to solve a problem and someone shuns you for it.


  • Dark Gift
    • You can spend a Hero Point to gain the Villain benefits of that Monster Quality for a Round. Whenever you activate your Dark Gift, you gain 1 Corruption Point, but you do not roll Corruption; you may earn up to 10 Corruption before becoming a Monster.
    • Shapeshifting; Spend a Danger Point to have this Monster assume a new form. The new form is completely indistinguishable from whatever it is mimicking, save for a specific thing that the GM determines.
  • I Won’t Die Here
    • Spend a Hero Point to ignore all negative effects from Dramatic Wounds for the round—the Villain does not gain Bonus Dice if you have 2 Dramatic Wounds, and you do not become Helpless at 4 Dramatic Wounds.
  • Indomitable Will
    • After another character attempts to intimidate, seduce, or otherwise goad you, spend a Hero Point to automatically resist.
  • Sorcery (Hexewerk)
    • See Sorcery Below
  • Staredown
    • Spend a Hero Point to intimidate a character into backing down from a threat, letting you into somewhere he shouldn’t, or otherwise getting out of your way.
  • Eagle Eyes
    • As long as you have a clear line of sight, you can see perfectly out to a distance of one mile. If you use a spyglass you can even pick out fine details, such as the inscription carved into a wedding band. If you make a Risk that relies heavily on your keen vision, you gain 1 Bonus Die.

Sorcery (Hexenwerk)

Major Ungents

  • Corpse Tongue
    • The severed tongue of a corpse, soaked in nightshade and ground into a paste, rubbed on the hexe’s tongue. Corpse Tongue allows you to speak with a dead body, receiving messages from it about anything it knew in life. You can ask two questions for each point of Resolve you have, and the corpse must answer you honestly. After you ask your last question, you vomit, and the corpse you have been questioning crumbles into dust—you cannot question it further, even if you have an additional dose of Corpse Tongue.

Minor Ungents

  • Widow’s Veil
    • A wilted chrysanthemum taken from a grave, washed with holy water, and then blessed by a priest. A character who pins a Widow’s Veil to her clothing is immune to the first attack or supernatural effect that comes from a Monster. After the attack or effect is prevented, the Widow’s Veil crumbles into dust and is useless.
  • Summer’s Smile
    • A poultice brewed from water from a fast-flowing stream and sickeningly sweet herbs. When applied to a Dramatic Wound caused by a Monster, the Dramatic Wound is healed at the end of the Scene.


Eichhörschhengeschenk (Squirrel’s Gift)

  • Goal: Gain favor with a local nature spirit.
  • Reward: Perfect Balance Advantage
  • Steps:
    1. Hans defends a mysterious child from evil
    2. <tbd>

Secret Society

Die Kreuzritter

  • Current Favor (as of 12/7/17):
  • Total Favor Earned:
  • Total Favor Spent:
Acts of Service

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Hans Fuchs

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