Ivan Fyodorov Ilyin

Self-Sacrificing Hero of All Russian Folktales Rolled into One


Nation: Ussura
Religion: “Mother Ussura”
Languages: Old Théah, Ussuran, Eisen
Wealth (as of 12/7/17):
Hero Points (as of 10/25/17): 7


  • Virtue: Willful (The Magician)
    • Activate your Virtue and target a Villain. Until the end of this Scene, you cannot spend Hero Points and the Villain cannot spend Danger Points.
  • Hubris: Manipulative (The Witch)
    • You receive a Hero Point when you try to get someone else to do your dirty work for you, and it backfires.


  • Brawn: 2
  • Finesse: 3
  • Resolve: 3
  • Wits: 3
  • Panache: 2


  • Aim 2
  • Athletics 3
  • Brawl 0
  • Convince 1
  • Empathy 3
  • Hide 0
  • Intimidate 1
  • Notice 2
  • Perform 1
  • Ride 1
  • Sailing 0
  • Scholarship 3
  • Tempt 1
  • Theft 1
  • Warfare 0
  • Weaponry 1


  • Touched by Matushka
    • Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you teach somebody a lesson in a way that would make Matushka proud!
  • Doctor
    • Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you heal a Villian’s Injury or when you heal Innocents hurt by a Villain


  • Strength of Ten
    • Spend 1 HP raise each of your individual dice by your rank in Brawl or Resolve when performing a feat of raw strength.
  • Handy
    • Spend 1 HP to repair a broken item such that it can function normally for the remainder of the scene.
    • If the object suffers further damage or at the end of the scene it becomes broken beyond repair.
  • Dar Matushki
    • Lesson: You have to try to save everyone, but you must accept that not everyone can be saved.
    • Gift: Ivan can spend a Hero Point to force any Monster to confront the moral wrongs they have done.
    • Gift: Ivan can spend a Hero Point to remove the Monstrous “taint” from any monster he confronts.
    • Restriction: Ivan must offer this service to every monster he encounters and honor all requests for healing by monsters to the best of his ability.
    • Penance: You may not heal any human until you heal a monster.


Ivan the Fool

  • Goal: Recover Something stolen from Matushka by the King of Wolves
  • Reward: Hard to Kill (4-pt Advantage)
  • Steps:
    1. Find out what was stolen (Matushka was nice enough to tell Ivan who stole the something from her, but she didn’t bother telling him the something is.)
      1. A strange and mysterious pot sealed and stored in Yuri’s hut that hovers in-between two worlds.
    2. Make an ill-advised promise
    3. <tbd>

Secret Society

Močiutės Skara

  • Current Favor (as of 12/7/17):
  • Total Favor Earned:
  • Total Favor Spent:
Acts of Service

Ivan Fyodorov Ilyin (Иван Фёдоров Ильин) is an idealistic and self-sacrificing “young man,” who believes he is 25 years old. Also, he was killed by Mikhail at age 15 and revived. He has no memory of this and believes that his dispute with his brother is purely ideological/moral. Mikhail, in turn, does not know that Ivan is “alive.”

Ivan is a bit absentminded and distracted. He seems to have his head in the clouds and appears somewhat disconnected from reality. In fact, to a keen observer, Ivan appears to be slightly physically disconnected from reality, existing just to the side of it.

Ivan wishes to save everyone and believes that all those who “do evil” can be redeemed. He’s both naive and idealistic.

Ivan Fyodorov Ilyin

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