Yevgeni Tarasov

Yevgeni or Geni for short was imprisoned in La Bucca, but has returned to his homeland.


Nation: Buccaneer (formerly Ussura)
Languages: Old Théah, Ussuran, Montaigne profanities
Wealth (as of 12/7/17):
Hero Points (as of 10/25/17): 8


  • Virtue: Glorious (The Sun)
    • Activate your Virtue when you are the center of attention. For the next Risk, when you determine Raises, every die counts as a Raise.
  • Hubris: Stubborn (The Thrones)
    • You receive a Hero Point when your Hero is stubborn and refuses to change her mind in the face of evidence.


  • Brawn: 3
  • Finesse: 2
  • Resolve: 3
  • Wits: 2
  • Panache: 2


  • Aim: 0
  • Athletics: 2
  • Brawl: 3
  • Convince: 1
  • Empathy: 2
  • Hide: 2
  • Intimidate: 1
  • Notice: 1
  • Perform: 0
  • Ride: 0
  • Sailing: 3
  • Scholarship: 0
  • Tempt: 0
  • Theft: 3
  • Warfare: 0
  • Weaponry: 2


  • Théan Outcast
    • Quirk: Earn a hero point when siding with your adopted homeland in favor of Théan tradition gets you in trouble.
  • Criminal:
    • Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you break the law in the pursuit of a noble endeavor.


  • Cross the Palm:
    • When you spend Wealth to Re-Roll a die in a social risk sway-able by money, you can Re-Roll up to 2 dice instead of 1.
  • Opportunist:
    • When another Hero spends a Raise to create an opportunity, you can spend a Hero Point to immediately activate the Opportunity for yourself.
  • Camaraderie:
    • Whenever you spend a Hero Point to aid an ally, they gain four dice instead of three.
  • Streetwise:
    • You can spend a Hero Point to locate a fixer, an information broker, a black market or a similar underworld figure.
  • Mohwoo (living tattoo)
    • A gift from Madam Wenshen
    • Fish:
      • The fish mohwoo represents a search or discovery, usually one that is personal or that the seeker is not even aware of. This could be the revelation of a truth from the person’s past or a journey of self-discovery and understanding.
      • Minor: The Hero does not need to breathe for the rest of the Scene. She cannot be choked or strangled, she cannot suffocate or drown, and airborne poisons do not affect her.
      • Major: Activate this mohwoo in place of spending a Raise during an Action or Dramatic Sequence when your task involves swimming, or when being in water (at least half-submerged) would be advantageous to the Action you wish to take.
    • Squid:
      • The squid has an unbreakable grip, and will die before it lets go. This often applies to a Hero with the squid mohwoo, but less literally. Such a Hero often finds herself becoming attached quickly and having difficulty letting go of others, or admitting that she is
        wrong. She is often described as stubborn by enemies, and steadfast by friends.
      • Minor: Activate this mohwoo when you spend a Raise to apply Pressure. In order to act against your Pressure, another character must spend 2 additional Raises instead of 1. A qing may use this ability only once per Episode.


The Homecoming

  • Goal: Gain closure with the merchants who betrayed me.
  • Reward: Rank 3 in Empathy
  • Steps
  • Find out who betrayed our trading caravan and sent me to prison.
  • Elicit a Confession
  • Make a difficult decision…forgive or don’t forgive?

Secret Society

Brotherhood of the Coast

  • Current Favor (as of 12/7/17):
  • Earned Favor:
  • Spent Favor:
Past Services

Yevgeni Tarasov grew up in Bashantra, and used to receive gifts from Matushka, but he was imprisoned on La Bucca for smuggling goods and could not perform his penance, where you must pay a price if you do not follow the restrictions of your gift. When he was on La bucca he lost his connection to mother winter, and in the process met a mystic Madam Wenshen, who gave him what she believed he needed, a mohwoo, or living tattoo that grants power. She gave him the fish, because the fish embodies self search and self discovery, something that my character desperately wants, to know who he is, where he belongs. Also a squid (his second) for his steadfastness. When La Bucca rebelled and became the pirate island nation it is today, my character was freed. He has returned to his homeland to reconnect with mother winter. His penitence was to seek out what he feared the most and conquer it ( the thing he could not do in prison.) Now, years later, he is searching to destroy those same monsters that he feared, however he does not know that no matter how many monsters he slays, he will never be able to reconnect with mother winter.

His name on La Bucca was Capitaine Qui est la Marée, or sometimes if incorrectly referred it was Capitaine de la Marée, and he used to captain a ship in the Buccaneer fleet. Known for his steadfast attitude and unyielding resolve, the buccaneers likened him to the power of the tide itself, calm and yet unstoppable at the same time. Thus the name was born.

Yevgeni Tarasov

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