Sir Poseł Losejai Alexandras (Alexey) Kuklusvieta


Nation: Sarmatia (Curonia)
Languages: All Théah Languages both living and dead
Wealth (as of 12/7/17):
Hero Points (as of 26/7/17): 4


  • Virtue: Wily (The Fool)
    • Activate Virtue to escape danger from the current scene, you can’t save anyone else
  • Hubris: Arrogant (The Tower)
    • You receive a HP when your hero shows disdain, contempt, or otherwise looks down on a Villain or someone who could cause hardship to friends or allies.


  • Brawn: 2
  • Finesse: 2
  • Resolve: 2
  • Wits: 3
  • Panache: 4


Aim 0
Athletics X
Brawl 0
Convince (1) X X X
Empathy X X X
Hide 0
Intimidate (
1) X X
Notice X
Perform X X X
Ride X
Sailing 0
Scholarship X
Tempt (+1) X X X
Theft 0
Warfare 0
Weaponry X X


  • Poseł
    • Quirk:
  • Žynys
    • Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you use something evil for good.


  • Leadership
    • Spend an HP, group that can hear me does what I want in reason.
  • Lyceum
    • +1 die on all dice for Convince, Intimidate, Tempt
  • Sorcery (Sanderis)
    • See Deal 1 and Deal 2 below
  • Linguist
    • Can speak, read, and write all Thean languages, including the dead ones.
  • Barterer
    • Spend HP, convince someone to give me a good deal or that I’m good for it.
  • Honest Misunderstanding
    • Spend HP, thing just said was taken in the best possible light.

Sorcery (Sanderis)

Deal 1:
Get the various obscure treaty and/or private agreement information that allowed Domenica Vespucci to leave Vodacce and marry Stanislaw II, despite her status as a strega.
Favors as a part of it:
“Know any scrap of knowledge, no matter how obscure”,
“Have perfect recall of anything ever read, or intently studied without spending the time to read” Deal 2:
Go to Urssa and help Matuska disentangle herself from the political power struggle
“Answer a single, factual question with a yes or no”
“Know the precise location of any object you wish, with exact accuracy as to both the objects location and the object itself.”


A Good Handshake

  • Goal: Join the local cell of the Rilasciare
  • Reward: Friend at Court Advantage
  • Steps:
    1. Be introduced to the local Hand of Riscalare (DONE)
    2. <tbd>
    3. <tbd>

Secret Society


  • Current Favor (as of 12/7/17):
  • Total Favor Earned:
  • Total Favor Spent:
Acts of Service

Basically what you get if you take Alexander Hamilton, and give him access to a smartphone with connection to wikipedia and google. Except that smartphone wants to take over the world or something. So, yeah, Google.

A slight man of youthful middle years, with dark shoulder length hair worn slicked back from a prominent widows peak. A serious mein, with a large dangling moustache that exaggerates the motions of a mobile mouth, quick to smile.
Typically wears thick white woolen trousers and a rough spun shirt, with simple but finely constructed boots, and a bright crimson coat, lined with the furs of various animals, embellished with complex designs and small medals. None of the buttons exactly match.
Carries a szabla that has shown signs of long use, rarely found without at least three dusty tomes of knowledge. When he talks with you, it’s obvious that he’s giving you his full attention, listening and understanding your problems.

Sofia and Alexey’s Contract

Sir Poseł Losejai Alexandras (Alexey) Kuklusvieta

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